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Hey there b-man, what do you reckon ? Should we delete the site, ? it doesn't really have much content so not many people - if anyone - would find it useful as far as I'm concerned..

And I know I don;t have the time, I've got other things to do


the site is dead by leigerleiger, 18 Jan 2008 03:06

Okay, we need someone (or a few people) to write articles and stuff about js, and maybe css and html as well to help us out.

so yeah, any javascripter's out there - sign up and give us a hand :) - I want to learn…

need javascript tutorials by leigerleiger, 13 Nov 2007 12:10
HTML updates
leigerleiger 19 Oct 2007 14:38
in discussion HTML / Need help? » HTML updates

The following changes were made to html-related pages on Hard Drive:

So far these are the only two html-related pages available on the wiki.

In the near future, I will be focusing mainly on creating more lessons to be read after Lesson 1. If you want anything in particular, however, just send me a message and I'll see what I can do for you.


Visit my forum: HTML, Google Page Creator, ActionScript and more!!

HTML updates by leigerleiger, 19 Oct 2007 14:38

Ok, remember, if anybody needs a custom theme, post it here!

Re: Theme Builders by B-man93B-man93, 13 Sep 2007 00:39

Okay, here is the permalink:

Check it out then post a reply there if you want to request some help.

I'm going to lock this thread, as the whole point is simply as a redirect (I've ruled out simply moving the thread). Use the link above to post replies.

Need help building a theme? by leigerleiger, 10 Sep 2007 03:04

I think this would be suited in the CSS section too, I'll post a thread with the link now.

Re: Theme Builders by leigerleiger, 10 Sep 2007 02:59

this is the ThemeBuilder's exclusive thread. If your theme:

  1. Doesn't match the content of your site.
  2. Isn't coordinated well.
  3. Or you just want a custom theme without the CSS know how.

That's where we come in. All we ask of you is to recommend the ThemeBuilders Team to anyone who needs a quality custom theme. You can also create a "Theme Package". It comes with a banner also. Once we have created your theme, it will be up for download by anyone unless you specify otherwise.

To recieve more information on the ThemeBuilders, please contact the Administrator, B-man93B-man93

Thanks again!

Theme Builders by B-man93B-man93, 08 Sep 2007 23:05

My other forum contains a section on ActionScript, as well as a range of other topics. If you're looking for help or want to post answers about this programming language, don't forget to check out that forum as well as this one.

The URL is:

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